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The man behind.
From music to marketing.
And back to music.

I am Bohdan Fedor and I was introduced to the beauty of music through my father, setting up my own rock band and studying classical music at the Academy of Music in Bratislava.


After graduating, I started my career in the radio industry at the Slovak National Broadcaster and continued my journey at an online bank, eventually becoming the marketing director.


In 2019, I decided to come back to music and Mystin was born. To sharpen my musical skills, I applied for a Music Production Certificates at Point Blank Music School London in 2019 and successfully finished in 2021.


After the school I opened MystinSound - Immersive Sound Production studio, with the aim to create a collective of producers, composers and sound designers to produce own music, sound libraries and other digital audio content.


The vision behind MystinSound is to create a type of sonic art that is often described as mysterious and ethereal, often with a sense of suspense and otherworldly energy. It can be created using a variety of instruments and sounds, often with a focus on creating an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue.

About: About the Studio
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