From music to marketing. And back to music.

I am Bohdan Fedor and I was introduced to the beauty of music through my father, set up my own rock band (who did not?) and later formally studied classical music at Academy of Music in Bratislava. After graduation, I took a first real job working as a radio presenter in Slovak National Broadcaster. I loved it, it made me who I am today. In the name of exploration of different shows, I seized the opportunity and joined a commercial TV JOJ as a content producer where I overlooked online video development & promotion.


Following my growing thirst for marketing, I continued my journey in an online bank where I eventually became a marketing director. Not that bad, hm? Still, I couldn’t resist  the sound of music and in 2019 I came back to my roots and this is how MYSTIN was born.


Striving for excellence, I applied for a Music Production Certificates at Point Blank Music School London in 2019. And yes, just in case you are wondering, I successfully finished in 2021.

When we work together, you’ll get someone who can:

  • Combine the art of music production with the practice of management

  • Come up with fresh ideas   

  • Bring producer’s touch to the sound